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Is it your Birthday or Anniversary?

Why not treat yourself with a Candlelight Dinner?



We will decorate your Candlelight Dinner with lovely fresh flowers, lighted candles and lanterns for you.️

Call or TEXT us NOW at 077 995 0310!

Prices start from JUST 4,900/- with extensive customization for your requirements!

Thank you for selecting us to celebrate your special day!

De Novo - A City Hotel in Nugegoda, Sri Lanka

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De Novo - A City Hotel in Nugegoda, Sri Lanka

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Why Candlelight Dinners?

The reasons are endless.

Candlelight dinners offer a mood that normal lighting lacks. It’s a necessity, especially for dinners with an elegant intention.

For example…

Candlelight Dinners – for the Romantic.

The two are practically synonymous. Because where would you rather have a romantic dinner? In a pizza parlor with thin chairs and a Colombo street view? Or in a romantic restaurant with candlelight?

We believe that you’ll definitely take the 2nd option, specially if you live in a city like Colombo or it's suburbs.

Suitable for 1st Dates.

It’s what you do if you want to impress.

The best first dates are done in beautiful restaurants. And you want one that creates a lover’s vibe as much as possible.

It increases your chances of affecting your date. And it shows them that you truly care.

Suitable for Couples.

At a high level, a candlelight dinner is what you go for to revive your vows. This type of dinner is suitable for serious and newly committed couples. Whether you be engaged, married, or just fresh, adapt yourself to fancy restaurant visits!

Because you shouldn’t spend too many night outs in front of a TV. Instead, spend it in a Colombo restaurant with candlelights surrounding you.

Candlelight Dinners – Necessary for Professionalism.

When inviting your boss out to dinner, what kind of place will you pick?

Will you take them to a fast-food place? Or will you take them to a restaurant that requires a little dressing up? We assume the 2nd option.

Usually, if you and your boss are on dinner, you’re discussing business. You’re not doing it for fun and passing time. There’s a professional aim involved.

Candlelight dinners are well-suited for professionals. They reduce the ecstasy of the atmosphere, making it calmer for serious discussions.

And speaking of ecstasy…

Calming Dinners.

Too much light throws your nervous system into overdrive.

You don’t want that in a dinner. You don’t go to a dinner to get jittery and excited in your seat. You have to feel relaxed where you are. And doing so can only be done with low light pollution. Not to mention, you have dinner before bed. So you’re usually tired by that period. And you need a little relaxation.


That’s what you get with a candlelight dinner. A candlelight dinner isn’t boisterous. Don’t expect a rock band to blast music in the restaurant you’re in. The night of such dinners are smooth. It’s time to sit down and really engage your thought process in serious matters.

Let’s Not Forget – It’s an Option When Travelling.

These days, visiting a restaurant is like taking a tour at a historical site. How so? Well, there’s the factor of uniqueness. Each restaurant brings a unique experience with it, from the menu, to the atmosphere.

When travelling, you try out different restaurants. You dowse yourself in a new experience with each dinner.

Varying Candlelight Cultures.

Dining really is affected by the plaece.

Because candlelight dinners don’t have to be indoors. They can be something you do outdoors, poolsides or rooftops!

Imagine the Following…

You’re in a beach town, and you’re having a late night dinner. That dinner is right by the shore, with an outdoor setup.You’re surrounded by nothing but a calm breeze, and candles on a simple table. This image is a typical candlelight dinner in many cultures. If you choose to travel somewhere with a marine culture, expect outdoor elegant dinners.

You’ll get that at De Novo, Nugegoda.

Sri Lanka is an island country, and outdoor dining is a part of the location.

Candlelight dinners by the pool side ot rooftop? They’re a dream come true there.

All you have to do is pick the right package with us. 

Because not all hotels offer top-notch customize-able candlelight dinner packages in Colombo.

Specially a fully supportive friendly staff who will focus only on your happiness is a rare commodity in Colombo.

Try Candlelight Dinners in De Novo, Nugegoda.

Colombo is Sri Lanka’s capital city. And being one of its biggest and busiest cities, expect to see the best in tourist catering.

Nugegoda is located just outside the Colombo boarder and an ideal area for a romantic outing. 

De Novo is a luxury city hotel in Nugegoda and a peaceful place for a great candlelight dinner experience in a busy city like Colombo. 


Are you a tourist planing your travel to Colombo?

Candlelight dinners in Colombo are the perfect addition to your vacation. It’s an experience you’ll never forget!

Candlelight Dinners - Colombo, Sri Lanka

Candlelight Dinners - Colombo, Sri Lanka